Criminal Defense

Over the past 30 years, Richard Seligman has successfully represented criminal defendants in the U.S District Court of District of Columbia and in the U.S. District Court of Maryland.  

All phases of trial appeal and post conviction proceedings. He is also handled complex cases in the DC Superior Court, the DC Court of Appeals and the Maryland State Courts. Over the past 15 years his cases of become increasingly complex, including drug and murder conspiracy cases in federal court and white-collar crime cases involving theft or schemes to commit fraud.

A sample of his cases and victories have included:
  • The acquittal of a 14 year police veteran accused of second-degree rape and child abuse
  • The reversal of a murder conspiracy conviction on the bases of insufficient evidence
  • Reversal of a trial judge's refusal to vacate an armed robbery conviction due to ineffective assistance of counsel
  • All decisions resulted in the release of the clients.